25 Years of Experience


We’re committed to protecting your data.

Fort Wayne Backup is a division of WSG Consulting, Inc. Founded in 1996, WSG has leveraged team expertise and 25 years of experience to develop an affordable and efficient online backup solution for any size business or organization. We are excited to offer our streamlined solution to the greater Fort Wayne area.

Fort Wayne Backup is committed to protecting your data from ransomware attacks and accidental loss through reliable cloud backups. Even enterprise level security cannot completely guarantee data safety and integrity. At FWB, we believe a comprehensive backup solution is the best defense and strategy.

Over the past two decades, we have had the opportunity to implement and explore countless backup solutions in real-world environments. This has enabled us to confidently select the software, hardware, and overall approach we use to deliver our current service offerings. In addition, we are able to provide significant cost savings over our competitors.

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WSG Leadership Team

When Mike and Jim Gile decided to form WSG in 1996, they vowed to work only with the best, most talented and experienced people in the field. Our team is made up of carefully selected individuals who excel in their fields. As a combined force, this team has proven that they can produce innovative, practical, and elegant solutions that build on the Internet.

Michael Gile, President
Jim Gile, Vice President
Danielle McMahon, Creative Director
Lucas Brock, Developer / Network Engineer